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How to let your students know your online class URL – Ground rules to safely meet instructors and students

Basics (for Students)

Procedures are described in Preparing for online classes for new and currently enrolled students .

Basics (for Instructors)

  1. Syllabus on UTAS -> “Details” -> “Online Class URL” -> input your class URL here. <!–
  2. UTASで教員の連絡先を登録する. 個別に連絡を取りたがっている学生がいるかも知れないことに常に注意を払う. –>
  3. Register Classes schedule/ cancellation (On the upper menu: “Cancellation / supplementary schedule” -> “Register cancellations/ makeup classes”).

UTAS limitations and how to avoid it

Because of the reasons above, if you tell one more URL to students,you must do as follows (Teachers must choose one way that you feel to be safe and reliable).

  1. On ITC-LMS, you can register the Online Class URL in “notification” . If students are not registered for the class, they will be directed to the registration screen by clicking on the link. If registered, students will be led to the class page. (Procedure)
  2. (For non ITC-LMS users) You can add the URL to other columns in UTAS (ex: Class Syllabus -> Details -> “notes”). Teachers need to make clear where the “Online Class URL” will be posted.

General Consideration for access restriction to classes

Access restriction is one of the difficult question in terms of security and accessibility.

Other notes