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UTokyo Account

Cannot sign in to the UTokyo Account User menu

An error occurs in the User ID input field when resetting the UTokyo Account password


Cannot sign to UTAS.


ECCS Online Course

Attended the online class and took the exam, but “Pass” sign does not appear. Even if I try to take the class again, the “ECCS new user class” is not displayed at the bottom left of the timetable.

“Take an exam” button does not appear after I finish watching online courses

Office 365 ProPlus

Cannot sign to Microsoft Office. The message “We could not find an account with that Username. Enter a different username, or issue a new Microsoft account” is displayed when entering a username on the “Sign in” page. ————–

Icons of apps such as Excel and Word do not appear on Office sign in screen

Q. What is ITC-LMS?
A. It is a learning management system of our university. Students can view the materials distributed by the faculty members regarding the classes they are taking / have taken, submit the assignments, discuss and ask questions on the bulletin board (if the faculty members have created them), answer questionnaires, and take exams.
Reference: FAQ, About ITC-LMS.

Q. What is ECCS Cloud Email?
A. This is a Google email of our university. Since this account is a Google account, you can also use some Google services such as Google Drive (file storage), Google Docs (similar to Word), Google spreadsheets (similar to Excel), Google forms (web surveys), and YouTube etc. Reference: Users guideUtilization of ECCS cloud mail

Q. How should I take attendance?
A. There are the following methods.