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We have created the following QA forums and mailing lists:

(4/24) 【Request】 How to send inquiries

Currently, we are receiving several inquiries and questions to the utelecon-inquiries (operating portal site) maiing list, and many of the frequently asked question are about zoom and Microsoft Office. We are addressing these questions by making it self-solvable by using a readable forum.

Also, we would like to deliver important announcements directly related to lesson implementation (e.g., issues affecting a large number of people, related to zoom software updates) through utelecon-announce. Thus, we ask for teachers to join the mailing list.

So, again, we ask for as many people as possible to join the forum and mailing list mentioned above. Also, we ask for school and department heads, and administrative staff to inform as many students as possible about this website.

The following is what we are looking for:

How to join (any of the following is acceptable)

Method 0: (Recommended) Sign in with your ECCS Cloud Mail (, and register to the links below:

Method 1: Fill out the form below (UTokyo Account required; enter UTokyo Account and password when prompted).

Subscription Form (UTokyo Account required)

Method 2: If you cannot access the form above (e.g. not knowing your UTokyo Account), please send an email to, Information Strategy Team of the Information Strategy Division, Information Strategy Department.


To the Information Systems Department / Information Strategy Division, Information Strategy Team,

  This is ◯◯ (name) of ◯◯ (affiliation).
  Please add my address xxxxx@xxxxx.xxxxx to utelecon-questions-group (or utelecon-announce-group)

Method 3: The following is an explanation for those who are already familiar with Google Groups. If someone is already a member (let’s say Mr./Ms. H) and the registered address is a Google account or its alias, that person can be added to the group. Mr./Ms. H can visit the group’s homepage to edit. If you are registering a large number of people, using this method will help disperse the number of registrations that would otherwise be necessary.