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To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19, the University of Tokyo has decided to introduce online classes in the summer semester of 2020.

Students were forced to start a new semester unable to spend time at school and deprived of much of the fun of studying on campus and talking with friends.

The implementation of online classes is a battle of the university to make sure that even when deprived of the opportunity to come to campus, we are not deprived of our opportunity to study. This can be done only through the cooperation of all those involved.

Teachers, staff, students … everyone is working hard to protect the university where they study.

At this point, we have no idea what the world will be like in April, May, or June. What the teachers and staff think is, “What if we cancel classes without preparations or alternative teaching courses while the virus continues to spread? What will happen to the summer semester and what will happen to the university? “

The preparation by the university is not yet complete. This is the first attempt for teachers and staff, and we are proceeding with trial and error. We would like students to do what they can and participate in this initiative.

Message from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

What are Online Classes?

The rest of this page explains what students should do to attend online classes. Many of the explanations are the same for both current and new students. Information that should be noted especially for those who will be students of the University of Tokyo from this spring is described separately.

Preparation for taking online classes

We need you to do these two things before the new semester starts.


ICT system for education of the University of Tokyo

The overall image is shown above. The description below has only the elements which need to be worked on. Please if you have any problems or things do not go as described below. When doing so, please state: a) which step you were at, b) what you did, and c) what was the result (we will not be able to provide much help if all the information we are given is “I couldn’t do it” or “it doesn’t work”).

  1. UTokyo Account: This is the most essential system for an online learning system at U-Tokyo. The UTokyo account indicates that you are a member of the University of Tokyo and is the basis for all other services. If you are a current student, you must have used it before.
    • For students who will be enrolling at UTokyo for the first time in April 2020, your account number (10-digit number listed as “Common ID”) and initial password was provided in the information registration website for successful candidates that became available on 19 March 2020.
    • For people who are enrolling as graduate students or transferring in to UTokyo other than as freshmen in April 2020, how their accounts will be issued depends on which faculty or graduate school they will enter. Whatever the case, please proceed as below as soon as you can access your UTokyo Account.
    • Task: Update your initial password video
  2. UTAS (UTokyo Academic affairs System): This system is to register classes and to check your grades. You will get information necessary to take online classes via this system. Your UTokyo Account needs to be set up correctly to use UTAS.
    • Task: Log into UTAS and register an e-mail address that you are definitely able to receive in “E-MAIL 1” of “Enter current address, etc.” (demonstration video - under construction). Current students who have never done this should take this opportunity to do so. Timings when you become able to log into UTAS will depend on your affiliation. New first year students will already be able to use the system, as well as students who are already enrolled at UTokyo. Please contact us or wait for information from your graduate school if you are currently not at UTokyo and are planning to enroll as a graduate student.
  3. ITC-LMS (Information Technology Center – Learning Management System) Coursework will be issued or you will be able to submit coursework for the courses you have registered for using this system. Additionally, the ITC-LMS can be used to upload lecture materials or take attendances. It is similar to UTAS and may be confusing, but consider UTAS is for before (registering for courses) and after (checking grades) the lessons, while ITC-LMS is used during the lessons. Your UTokyo Account must be properly configured to be able to use ITC-LMS. Once your courses start, a lot of course-related announcements will be made through ITC-LMS.
    • Task: Follow the instructions on the page for studentson ITC-LMS and set the destination for notifications. video
  4. ECCS Online New User Training Course: Learn how to use the computer room on campus through a 15-minute video. This can be left until later or if you decide to take it now, please follow the method for taking the New Online User Courseand pass it.
  5. Office 365 (Microsoft) と G Suite for Education (Google): These can be used for a variety of purposes, including writing your reports or preparing presentations. Your UTokyo Account must be properly configured to be able to use them as well as each system will need to be activated one by one when you start using them.
    • Task: Agree to the “Office 365 ProPlus License” from the UTokyo User Menu and activate Office 365 (video). ] If possible see if you can create a spreadsheet in Excel. (video)
    • Notes for new first year students: There was an instruction “Make sure you have completed 1-5 before the start of class. Also, for 6 (Note: Office 365) due to licensing reasons, please set up after 1 April.” in the “Procedures for Setting up the Information Services for Use” section of the documents sent to you in advance, but this can be ignored and the procedures can be started on immediately (recommended).
    • Task: Activate G Suite for Education by setting the account name in the “ECCS Cloud Mail” in the UTokyo Account User Menu and the password in the ECCS Cloud Mail (Change Password)”. (video - under construction).
    • Task: Please wait about an hour once you have completed the above step for the G Suite for Education to become accessible (you can log into Google). After the wait, please log in and see what applications you can use. Please see if you can create a Google Spreadsheet (similar to an Excel). (video)

Please be aware that even though that most people will already be using both Microsoft and Google, you will still need to be able to use it with your university account. It is anticipated that there will be more opportunities or need for university members to share important information amongst themselves through the online classes. It may not be possible to view these information if you are logged in to their everyday personal Google or Microsoft accounts.

Even though the procedures for activating both systems are given in the videos above, the procedures, as well as what each system can do, are described in more detail in the “UTokyo ICT Users Handbook” AY2019 editionavailable on the (UTokyo First-Year Seminars (FYS) page). Please make sure to at least read the instructions which is the minimum amount required. Please make sure to also read the AY2020 edition which will soon be available.

Obs.:”ECCS Cloud Mail” is the other name for the “UTokyo G Suite for Education”.

Video conference systems

The following is the video conferencing system being discussed. Information concerning this will be uploaded on this page in the future. Please make sure to view this page regularly. For the moment please access the following

Once the above have been completed, please proceed to check if you are ready to take the online classes by following the section below.

Specific preparations required from new students

Note: March is a season when the number of internet applications increase causing a need for extra time before access is granted. As several weeks are said to be normal, please apply as soon as possible.

Checking to see if you are ready to take online classes

Troubleshooting, not connecting