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オンライン授業検討会 / Committee for Online classes



目的 / Purpose


There is an urgent need to provide online classes in order to limit the impact of COVID-19 and maintain educational activities. Online class requires an education environment for students to take classes, and it is especially important to ensure a network environment. For online classes, the University of Tokyo has decided to provide mobile WiFi support for students who do not have a network environment.

提供する支援 / Support provided

1か月50GBまで高速通信が可能なモバイルWiFiルータの貸し出し (通常の会議システムによるオンライン授業に必要な通信量です)

Renting a mobile WiFi router with up to 50GB of high-speed communication per month (This is the amount of communication required for regular online classes using a video conferencing service)

提供条件 / Terms of Offer

  1. 本学が実施するオンライン授業参加のために利用すること
  2. 提供期間中にオンライン授業参加に必要な環境整備を行うこと
  3. 本学が支援を終了する場合には速やかに返却すること (現在は、1年間を想定。状況により延長する可能性があります。)
  4. 支援期間中に本学を離れることとなった場合も返却すること


  1. To use for participation in online classes offered by the University.
  2. Prepare the necessary environment for participation in online classes during the period of provision.
  3. Return router promptly when the University terminates this support. (1 year. Term may be extended depending on circumstances).
  4. If you decide to leave the university during the support period, you must also return it.

It will be offered to students subject to the above conditions.

申し込み / Application


Please access the application form through either of the following.

締め切り 4月21日(火曜日)23時59分

Deadline: Tuesday, April 21, 23:59 PM


We will contact you as soon as we find out whom we can provide the support. (We’ll let you know if you’re not eligible.)