Table of Contents

Online Classes (for students)

  1. Preparing for online classes for new and currently enrolled students
  2. Preparing for online classes for new and currently enrolled students (2020 A Semester)

Online classes (for instructors)

  1. Online Handwriting
  2. Online teaching for instructors
  3. Online teaching for instructors (2020 A Semester)

Sharing Class URL (for students/instructors)

  1. How to let your students know your online class URL

ITC-LMS (for instructors)

  1. Confirm attendance
  2. How to log in ITC-LMS
  3. How to use the Learning Management System ITC-LMS(for instructors)
  4. Let your students know the code for attendance (TBA)
  5. Prepare assignments
  6. Prepare for confirming attendance in classes
  7. Preparing quizzes
  8. Set the course
  9. Set the notifications
  10. Timetable
  11. Upload Materials

ITC-LMS (for students)

  1. 学習管理システム ITC-LMS の使い方(学生向け)


  1. Creating a Zoom meeting room
  2. How to Create a University Zoom Account Using Invitation Email
  3. How to create an UTokyo Zoom account
  4. How to install Zoom
  5. How to join a Zoom meeting room
  6. How to use Zoom
  7. How to use Zoom (for organizers)
  8. Notes on Zoom accounts and license
  9. Using Zoom in class(for instructors)
  10. Zoom
  11. Zoom Q&A
  12. Zoom 授業での使い方(共通編)
  13. Zoomの初期設定・利用開始時のトラブルに関するFAQ

Google Hangouts Meet

  1. How to Use Google Hangouts Meet


  1. How to Create Webex events
  2. How to Create a New UTokyo Webex Account and Log in to it
  3. How to Join Events
  4. How to Log in and Create an UTokyo Webex account
  5. How to create Webex training
  6. How to join Webex Events (TV Conference Systems)
  7. How to join Webex Meetings
  8. How to join Webex Meetings (TV conference systems)
  9. How to join Webex Training
  10. How to set the meeting room
  11. How to start Webex Meetings
  12. How to start Webex Meetings (TV conference systems)
  13. How to start Webex Training
  14. How to start Webex events
  15. How to use Webex
  16. Webex meeting room 101(for instructors)
  17. What is possible with Webex Events?(for Instructors)
  18. What is possible with Webex Events?(for Instructors・Participants)
  19. What is possible with Webex Meetings?(Instructors and Participants from TV conference systems)
  20. What is possible with Webex Meetings?(for Instructors・Participants)
  21. What is possible with Webex Training?(for Instructors)
  22. What is possible with Webex Training?(for Instructors・Participants)
  23. オンライン授業の実際


  1. 2020/03/13 Briefing on How to host Video Conferences when aiming for Online Classes
  2. 2020/03/19 Online course on How to use Zoom
  3. 2020/03/26 Briefing - How to notify students of online classes
  4. 2020/03/27 Online Course "How to Prepare (Asynchronous) On-Demand Online Classes Using Videos and Texts" and "Online Class Consultation Meetings Specializing in Language Learning"
  5. 2020/04/16 Briefing session - Two weeks after the start of S semester
  6. 2020/05/08 Briefing session: Using copyrighted materials in online classes
  7. 2020/05/20 Training: Class Supporters
  8. 2020/3/19 Online Course Report
  9. Lunch time information exchange meeting


  1. Comparison between systems
  2. FAQ
  3. Form for students facing trouble when Joining Classes
  4. Online Class Supporters Program
  5. Online Class Supporters Program (2020 A Semester)
  6. Online Class/ Web Conference Portal Site
    @ the University of Tokyo
  7. QA Forum and Mailing List for Announcements
  8. Student Care・Department/School Registration Form
  9. Trouble Support on Online Classes and Web Conferences
  10. オンライン授業で用いる外部サービスの運用状況